About Our Spices

Aunty Nicola’s Caribbean Spices is a unique blend of herbs & spices that gives you that authentic Jamaican flavor that keep you wanting more.

These herbs & spices have been a part of Jamaica’s tradition passed down from our ancestors.

I have created a unique blend that not only brings out the flavor and taste, but its also good for your health.

Aunty Nicola’s Caribbean Spices aims to give its customers a new and improved taste with spectacular Caribbean twist with amazing spices that’s completely designed to give you no hassle with complete MSG free and minimal salt its like Caribbean in a bottle.

Aunty Nicola’s Caribbean Spices will surely give your taste buds a surprise. And leave you wanting more.

Aunty Nicola’s Caribbean Spices is a deal for every meal.


*Delicious: A range of Zesty, fresh flavors to transform your meals*

*Variety: From all-purpose to curry mix, something for every tatse*

*Easy to use: From chicken , veggies and Meat*

*Authentic: Let Aunty Nicola’s bring the taste of Jamaica to your kitchen*

*If you have lost your love for cooking or are tired with the same old
flavors, its time to add a little spice in your life. All natural, 100%
healthy and tropically delicious, transform*